Monday, April 22, 2013

The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia

At first look you will think this story is told by Lena. I was quite surprised to see it told from the point of view of Ethan. It's pretty rare to find a young adult book told from a male's point of view. I chose to review this 4 book series together (there's also a novella titled "Dream Dark") because it just made sense to me. I prefer to do this with a series when I have had the opportunity to read the entire thing.

The story follows Ethan and his love for Lena. I'm not usually huge on romance novels, but I have to say this one got me. There's enough going on that it doesn't feel like the story is just about their romance. Lena is a caster, which is basically a witch (but they don't like to be called that). Ethan and Lena have been connected their entire lives without knowing each other until Lena moves to Ethan's home town.

From here we find out what exactly a caster is and several other beings of the caster universe. There is constantly something being thrown at the characters and they either overcome (or don't). All of the characters are highly developed and easy to connect with. I highly recommend reading this series. It's easily made it's way into my top picks.

As you probably know already, Beautiful Darkness was recently made into a movie. I'll tell you know... READ THE BOOKS FIRST! The movie changed so many important parts and characters of the story. If you watch first and read later you will be highly disappointed.

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