Monday, April 22, 2013

The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch

"In an America devastated by war and plague, the only way to survive is to keep moving."

I honestly bought this book for the cover. As we all know, I'm a huge fan of YA Dystopian novels. I just really, really like the "this could possibly happen in the future" type of books. They seem so much more real to me than fantasy type stuff.

This was a really, really easy read. Very short (278 pages) and I finished it in about 3 hours (while working). I only rated this book 2 stars on Goodreads simply because the whole book was a build up to a one chapter ending. The book follows what happens after the United States is taken over by another country and a wide spread flu virus kills most of the population. People prefer to roam instead of settling because you just can't trust anyone anymore. The characters were all developed pretty well. We see what it's like for a boy to roam his entire life and then be thrust into "civilized" living after an accident with his father. Will he decide to stay and create a new life, or go back to the only thing he knows and feels comfortable with?

This book is definitely targeted toward a younger audience, but it's worth a couple hours of your time. Had it been a little longer and had it dived more deeply into what happened to everyone else I would have easily given it 3 or 4 stars.

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