Monday, April 22, 2013

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden book 1) by Julie Kagawa

I got this book on a whim for my birthday. I jokingly told my husband he should buy it for me and he took me seriously so I took it :)

This is about vampires. A post apocalyptic world of vampires.
Allison is just a normal girl in a not so normal world. Fighting and scavenging to stay alive. She lives on the Fringe. It surrounds a vampire city. In this new world you can choose to become registered, which means you must give a monthly allowance of blood to the vampires.. or stay unregistered, which means you have no food, no shelter.. and if you go missing no one cares.
Allison finds a mother load of food while out scavenging for her and her friends. On a trip back out with everyone something goes wrong and she is left with a choice.. to die or to become a vampire. She chooses to live.
We get to see the training that she must go through to be able to survive as a vampire.. just to be cast out on her own by unforeseen circumstances (at least by her).
She comes across a group of wanderers led by a priest who has lost his faith. Can she keep her humanity and stay with these people.. or will the darkness inside her take over?

I really enjoyed this book. It's so nice to see vampires acting like vampires should for once. I'm patiently waiting the release of book 2. There's an excerpt at the end of this book that gives you an idea of what's going to happen next.. and the few pages they give you makes you want to read it now.

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