Thursday, January 24, 2013

Deadlocked 1-4 by A.R. Wise

I chose to review this series together. They are 4 short novellas that equal one big story. I absolutely loved it! It's not often I find a book (or series) that I continue reading because the characters get a hold of me and don't let go.
I'll start with book 1 - Deadlocked
This story follows David. He's a married father of two that has just found out he has cancer. He has an office job that he doesn't love, but it provides for his family. This man loves his family. The story starts with him watching the news at his job. An infection has broken out and people are being crazy. He has to get home to his family. I won't spoil by telling everything he goes through to get to them, but let's just say it's not easy. A long the way he meets a man and his son. The boys name is Billy.. we'll get back to him. The father-son duo have a boat. The plan is for David to get his family and make it back to Billy and his father so they can ride out the riots taking place in the city from the infection. David borrows a truck and sets off. He finds his wife and daughters on top of their house trying to get away from their infected neighbors. Again, no spoilers, but he saves them and they head to a school to gather food for their trip. They get into some trouble at the school that follows them back to the boat. David and Billy's father pay the ultimate price to make sure the girls, David's wife and Bill get out alive. End of story 1.
In the short amount of time it took to read this book, David got to me.
Book 2 - Deadlocked 2
This story picks up right where #1 left off and focuses on David's wife, Laura. She's left on a boat with a boy she doesn't know and her two daughters. They meet some other survivors who prove not to be worthy of being around. They meet some cops who turn out to be not so nice. Trying really hard not to spoil here. We'll see more about those cops in a bit. Laura fixes a meal for Billy and the girls from the food she and David scavenged from the school. They learn from the cops that the food is tainted and may be a starting point for the infection. Laura becomes worried that she has infected everyone. Billy wants to find his mother, who is in the city. Laura doesn't want to make the trip back to the city with all the infection and rioting going on, but eventually gives in. Along the way they encounter an explosion as they pass under a bridge. Laura's youngest daughter Annie is thrown from the boat. This is the point where I really start to like this woman. While saving her daughter she is bitten by a shark. What are the odds? Billy has a plan to dock the boat at a friends place where Laura and the girls can hide while he goes off to find his mother. They make it, but Laura is badly injured. Billy finds a pharmacy and gets her some antibiotics and pain killers. Annie isn't feeling so good... Billy leaves. They've heard on the radio about a possible cure in the form of an antibiotic. Annie continues to get sicker. Laura leaves her daughters to go to the pharmacy to find the medicine she needs. Of course, it's not easy on her. She comes into some trouble that follows her back to the boat... End of book 2.
Laura is my kind of lady.
Book 3 - Deadlocked 3
This book picks up where Billy is leaving Laura and the girls to find his mother. As you have probably guessed, this story will follow Billy. Billy runs into trouble right off the bat. A horde of zombies behind a fence. He thinks quick and gets around them. Has a run in with some military men and a life changing event happens for him. He meets the leader of the military group, Reagan, and kidnaps him to help find his mother. Along the way they meet up with Hero, who is going to find his brother. Of course, they meet zombies along the way and dispose of them. Reagan sounds like a hardass in the beginning, but we quickly learn why he is they way he is. Hero finds his brother and Billy is disappointed when finding his mother. Reagan makes a deal with Billy, Hero and Mark to get the military guys off their backs so they can make it back to Laura and her daughters. The have a lot of obstacles in their way, but overcome. They make it back to the boat just a few minutes too late, as Laura's oldest daughter, Kim, has been kidnapped by one of the bad cops. End of book 4.
Book 4 - Deadlocked 4
This story starts a little differently, but still picking up where the others left off. The difference being that all three of the other stories followed one person, where this book will follow all of them. We find ourselves in a "hospital" with Reagan. He is escorted to an office by an old friend, RC, who is also apart of the military. Here is where we learn how the outbreak started, why, and who did it. I really started to like Reagan in this segment. Laura and her daughter Annie are also at this hospital. Billy and Hero have kidnapped yet another person to go off and save Kim. We find out the truth about these "cops." Horrible guys. Reagan saves Laura and Annie from the "hospital." While at the hospital we meet another character, Ben.. but he's not really that much of the story.. yet. Reagan, Laura and Annie take off in a helicopter to assist Billy and Hero in saving Kim. Lots of bad things are happening to Kim. Of course saving her isn't easy on Hero and Billy, but they get the job done. In one of the final scenes, we learn that Kim is a carrier of the disease. We are left to think that everything will be happily ever after. End of book 4.

Now, my favorite thing about this author was how he wrote about the book at the end of each book. We learn the symbolism he uses and why he feels such a connection with each of his characters. This helped a lot in my connection with them. We get an extra glimpse into the life of each one and I absolutely loved that. I wish more authors took the time to do this.
I've also learned that there are two more books out now, starting with Deadlocked 5. This will be set 20 years in the future and follow Ben. Told ya we'd get back to him. I can't wait to read the rest of this series and see where things go.

Would I suggest this book to others? Definitely!!!
Will I read more of the series? Yes!! Cannot wait to get my hands on the rest! More reviews will follow when I do!
I give this series 5 out of 5 stars!

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