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Morrigan by Laura DeLuca - Review and Giveaway!

I befriended Laura on facebook by entering a few giveaways that she has held in the past. I posted that I was interested in starting a book blog and have gotten so much help and tips from her that I can't even express my gratitude. She sent me a copy of her book, Morrigan, which I am going to review now. Keep reading, there's a little surprise at the end of this post for my new fans!

“Guardians!” A low snarl emanated from the back of his throat. “What are you doing with Guardians?”
“Stop it! Sit down!”
Morrigan wasn’t sure who she was addressing, the man or the animals. Luckily, they both obeyed her command. She stepped in between them to avoid any further confrontations. The cats took a seat on either side her legs, but their posture hardly relaxed. They still glared warily at the newcomer, even though their hisses died down to an occasional soft growl.
“Dirty, filthy beasts!” Tiarn snarled as he climbed to his feet. “I hate Guardians.”
“They’re just little cats,” Morrigan told him. “What’s the big deal?”
“Just cats! Hah!” He was standing at a careful distance, even though they had started licking their paws nonchalantly. “They are much more than simple cats! Though even those I find distasteful.”
 Morrigan narrowed her eyes. “What do you mean?”
“Never mind. It does not matter.” Tiarn dismissed her question with a wave of his hand. “They are not coming with us.
 “They most certainly are coming!”
Tiarn growled again. “I beg to differ with you, Your Highness. They would only get in the way.  Possibly even get killed.”
Danu raised her head from her grooming to hiss at him again, as though she had taken that last statement as a personal threat. The strange reaction of her faithful sidekicks made Morrigan wonder again just how much Tiarn could be trusted. She also wondered why, when she wasn’t sure she could trust him, she still felt the undeniable urge to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him.
 “If they stay here alone, they’ll definitely get killed or at least sent to the pound,” Morrigan told him. “I can’t let that happen. So, they’re coming. End of story.”
Tiarn’s eyes flashed dangerously, and he looked like he wanted to argue, but thought better of it. “Very well, Princess. Bring your mongrel felines. Just keep in mind that Guardians and lycans do not mix well.”
“Lycans?” Morrigan repeated.
A sick feeling started to settle in her stomach, as the truth of his words sunk in. It all started to make sense—his hairy arms and chest, his reaction to the cats, even his earlier comment about smelling her out. Her dark knight had a much darker side than she had ever seen in her dreams.
 “Why yes, Your Majesty. Did you not realize? You are a witch and a sorceress. And I, your faithful traveling companion, am a lycan—a werewolf.

If you're a fan of YA and fantasy, this is a book for you. I'm not usually a huge fan of fantasy, but I really enjoyed this book. Would be perfect for fans of books like The Mortal Instruments and The Immortals.
The story follows Morrigan. She was orphaned basically at birth and has spent the past 17 years jumping from foster home to foster home. We find out that she has all sorts of special powers and can manipulate the elements, mainly fire. She has two trusty sidekicks in the form of two cats.. which we later find out are her guardians and can do some pretty fantastic stuff. Morrigan goes on a scary and emotional journey to help her mother and restore peace to her homeland. We meet werewolves and witches a long the way. Learn a little about magic... a little love interest.
There is a very good twist to this story that keeps you turning the pages. Nothing is as it seems. I have to say that this story has an absolutely wonderful ending. I loved it.
Laura has a very good talent for describing every element of the story. Makes you feel as if you are there and you don't have to strain your brain too much trying to visualize the world that Morrigan has found herself in.
Would I recommend this book? Yes!
I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.
I received this book in exchange for an honest opinion.

Laura is a fantastic lady! Get to know her a little better..

Laura “Luna” DeLuca lives at the beautiful Jersey shore with her husband and four children. She loves writing in the young adult genre because it keeps her young at heart.  In addition to writing fiction, Laura is also the sole author of a popular review blog called New Age Mama. She is an active member of her local pagan community, and has been studying Wicca for close to eight years.  Her current works include Destiny, Destiny Unveiled, Phantom, Morrigan and Player.
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