Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snareville & Snareville 2 by David Youngquist

From goodreads:
"We have a saying. "You're either dead and chompin' or alive and hidin'." In Snareville, neither is an option. Lemme tell you big city folks a story... You think you knew all about us small-town folk, didn't you? Laughed at us bushwhackers, your poor country cousins out in the sticks. That all changed when Z-Day came. That was when we realised that growing up in a small town gave us an advantage you folks didn't have. Small towns are easier to defend - from the zombies, if not the other enemies... Of course, our survival has a price. Hell, what doesn't? The story I'm gonna tell you will shock you, may even terrify you. Yep, I've got two wives, I got more guns under my command than you can ever dream about. We got a whole new system of justice and morality that may jar with some of you liberal types - just ask the rapist who we sent packing... But lemme tell a world where folk we thought of as human can pimp out zombies as hookers, you know morality has taken a back seat. This is my story. The story of a small town and how we prevailed. Against the zombies and a far worse enemy. The story of me and my Raiders: Pepper, Catfish, Tony, Jinks, Star...and Jen. Read it. And then you'll know why they call me Captain Death. Welcome to Snareville."
Snareville 2: Circles
Survival was just the start…we’ve got a way to kill off every zed in the world. We just got to find a way to get it out there.
Now I know why commanders all look like old men. Surviving ain’t easy; staying human is even harder.
Some gave up. We came across a female gang called the Cock Blockers and their “choke point” still gives me nightmares. We fought a biker gang that call themselves the Mongol Hordes and make ol’ Genghis look like a pussycat. And we met a group of Amish who have extreme ideas on damage control.
We got a new problem now. Ella said to me, “When the world died, we all became family.” Guess that applies to the zombies as well.
Because Cindy’s been having strange dreams ‘bout a guy who calls himself King Death. Guess it’s a psychic connection, because we got reports of this guy heading out east, with his Queen and a nightmare in her womb. Yep, the unborn undead are coming to Snareville.
The fight’s coming to us. Coming home, to Snareville.

I was pretty excited about Snareville. I'm from a small town in the south. How could I not be? My excitement kinda went south too after I finished both books. The series started out well. Caught my attention. Made me wonder what caused this outbreak and how these people were going to survive. The author tried really hard to make a connection with the main character, Danny. The entire story is told from Danny's point of view. I just never made the connection with him. He's a decent character, but he lacks a lot of depth. Book 2 took care of some of this, but not as much as I would have liked. 
Not long after the outbreak happens Danny shacks up with a lady. Not long after that he shacks up with lady #2.. then #3... and then #4.. and they're all wanting babies. I understand that the author was trying to convey that things have changed in the world and we have to repopulate, but 4 women in 3 years was a little overkill for me. The man didn't even take time to grieve wife #1 before hooking up with wife #3.
Wife #3 was infected. They find a cure (amazingly!) and she's good to go. This is where my biggest problem with the books came in.
 After she is cured they go on a raid to another city to obtain some military equipment. While on this raid they encounter another infected who has not turned zombie. This guy can get into Cindy's head (wife #3)... the author writes in a way that makes you think this is going to be a big arc in the story. The infected guy with mind controlling powers makes the zombies attack the group on the raid. The raiders, of course, survive and make it back to their hometown. When they get home infected guy gets into Cindy's head and attempts to make her (and another infected woman) kill their unborn babies and be his wives. The closer he gets to the town the stronger his connection gets. The whole time I'm thinking wow this book is taking a turn for the better and finally some action coming.. then it's over. The author gets rid of this guy in one chapter. All of the suspense leading up to this crazy stuff that can happen just falls flat. I was really disappointed. After this guy is done away with it's never mentioned again anywhere in the series that infected that haven't turned zombie can control the minds of others. What was the point in adding it to the book? It didn't go anywhere and didn't add anything to the story.
The story continues after this just like the rest of the book(s).. more raids to find supplies and survivors. More men/women finding other spouses and making babies. Every single time the author added something big to the story he killed it in just a few chapters. Very disappointing. 
Did I like the books? Somewhat. Probably won't suggest them to anyone.
Will I read another in the series? If Snareville 3 pops up, I'll most likely read it to finish what I've started.
I give both books 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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